Introducing Ada MaryJo

Our little one has 10 fingers, 10 toes, and two X chromosomes! While little has changed, and we would love our baby no matter what, it it makes a big difference that we can now call her by name, rather than just “Baby Bodnar”. After seeing her today, waving her arms, opening and closing her hands, and opening and closing her mouth, we can’t wait to get a 4D ultrasound 🙂

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(Just in case you can’t tell what to look for in the photo, About has a quick explanation on how to tell if it’s a girl.)

Face and hand

Face and hand (click for a larger image)

Ada MaryJo is named after Augusta Ada Byron, the Countess of Lovelace, who was the first computer programmer. Ada Lovelace has become a symbol for promoting women in science and technology careers. Ada Lovelace Day is celebrated in mid-October, the expected birth month of our Ada.

Ada’s middle name is a combination of the names of two women who will surely be important in her life: Maryann and Joanne, her grandmothers. Thanks to my mother for starting the tradition by having my middle name, Lorellen, honor my grandmothers: Lorraine and Helen.

Random fact: October’s birthstones are Opal, which is a favorite gem of both Brandon and myself, and Tourmaline.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Ada MaryJo

  1. Joanne Lusk says:

    I feel so wonderful for you! Congrats to you and Brandon. What a beautiful journey you are experiencing. Savor every moment!

  2. Julee K says:

    That is so awesome. I am happy for you. I wish they had ultrasounds like that when I was pregnant. My kids ultrasounds just looked like blobs to me … lol

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