For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.

I first heard this 6-word story on NPR when they were starting a 6-word memoir project. It made me tear up but I didn’t know why. So simple, how can so much feeling be in these 6 words? I never expected that these words would become so personal.

This started as a happy blog where I was chronicling the progress of the pregnancy, somewhere to post silly pictures of my baby bump. Then, we lost Ada MaryJo at 23 weeks, a wholly unexpected loss that was more devastating than anything I’d ever experienced. I’m hoping to use this blog as a place to write about Ada and the grief I feel as we embark on trying to have another child. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help me through the process of grief and maybe it’ll help other women going through the same process.

If you know someone who has lost a child, and you’re afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died — you’re not reminding them. They didn’t forget they died. What you’re reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that is a great gift.
~ Elizabeth Edwards July 3, 1949 – December 7, 2010

5 thoughts on “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.

  1. Shauna says:

    Thinking of you and wishing you peace and healing along your journey to find your ‘new normal.’ Shauna Libsack

    • Anastasia says:

      Thank you, Shauna. I’m not sure what normal looks like but I’m hoping the journey from pain to remembrance is bearable.

  2. I’m so sorry to read this news, Anastasia. No one “deserves” anything like this in their lifetime. I’ve had my own experience with loss and know there’s little one can say to help the inconsolable — but what I find comforting is just knowing that I’m not alone in having had that experience. You’re not alone either. I hope that helps.

  3. lkgaddis says:

    I went through a similar, unexpected, loss at 20 weeks. You are not alone, and I hope you find the support you need through your blog. Thank you for your bravery in sharing.

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