Return to Zero

As I’ve been desperately looking for useful information, I came across an upcoming movie – Return to Zero. It’s an attempt to call attention to stillbirth, because even though 1 in 160 pregnancies will result in stillbirth, it’s just something that isn’t talked about – medical providers don’t even mention it as a possibility to pregnant women!

The short synopsis is: When a successful couple loses their child on the day he’s supposed to be born, they must overcome their grief to save their relationship and start a family together.

The movie is already made, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, but the creators need people to pledge to see it so they can get funding to put the movie in theaters. Please consider making a pledge to bring up to 4 people to the movie if it comes to your community. The form asks for your state or province leader, which you can find here.

Part of the Return to Zero project is to collect stories of parents of stillborn babies. The stories are heartbreaking but need to be told. The author, director, and producer is the father of a stillborn son.

Return to Zero mission statement:

While this film is intended for a wide-release to audiences regardless of their life experience, RETURN TO ZERO fills a particular niche for a market that has gone unserved — those who have or know someone who has experienced the devastating loss of stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death.

The statistics on stillbirth, which is the loss of a child after 20th week of pregnancy, are remarkable. In the U.S. alone there are approximately 36,000 stillbirths a year. That is equivalent to the amount of people who die in traffic accidents across this country every year. Yet, this topic has never been the central theme of a feature film.

The impact that one stillbirth has on the mother, the father, their family, and friends is devastating — a shock-wave of pain, guilt and then, too often, silence. The majority of those affected, especially the mothers, suffer in this silence often believing that their grief and trauma is theirs to bear alone.

While planning to entertain and enlighten all audiences with a dramatic tale of the strength and resilience of the human spirit, RETURN TO ZERO intends to break through the silence and become a beacon of cinematic light to the millions in search of answers, understanding and healing.


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