Naming Ada

I’m using iCloud Notes to keep track of some information and I found my note dated April 11*. It had the names we had chosen for our baby, whether it was a boy or a girl. Finding the note made me think about how happy we were… we were sitting at Silver Diner for a late dinner, talking about our baby. I wrote the names down to see what they would look like and make sure there weren’t any weird things that the child would be made fun of, like unfortunate initials. We talked about the meanings of the names and wondered who our baby would grow up to be.

We were so happy… it’s hard to think that we’ll ever be that happy again.

*I think this night was actually before April 11th, but Notes updates the date every time you change the file and sadly I added some other notes later so I don’t know the exact date. I wish it didn’t, I’d really like to know the exact date. The details didn’t seem that important at the time, but now I want to remember every moment that we had Ada with us.

Update: Brandon switched Notes to display the date it was created instead of the last edited date. So, that night at Silver Diner was 4 April 2013.


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