Certificate of Birth

I started working on the “Procedure for filing requests for a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth” today. I need this validation that Ada was our daughter. It’s pretty standard questions but there’s this one that threw me…

What is your reason for requesting this certificate?

How am I supposed to answer this? I want the certificate because I love her. Because I want to honor her too-short time in this world. Because she is our daughter and will always be our daughter.

Thanks to a good friend, I found a Facebook page called Grief Beyond Belief that lists stories and helpful quotes and such. They posted a quote that sums up why I want this form and why I want to make sure Ada is always remembered.

“When you lose someone you love through death, there is a dialogue you continue to carry on with that person. Having nothing at all to do with spirits, heaven or afterlives, it’s the dialogue of promises made, values adopted and lived, and memories actively cherished. There’s also the carrying-on of life itself. Their light goes out, but you continue onward, honoring their role as a torch-bearer by burning as brightly as you can in your own time alive, and then passing the torch to your own succeeding generation.” – Hank Fox

Of course, this won’t fit on the form.


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