Collecting memories for Ada

It’s hard to plan a funeral. It’s even harder when you’re planning one for your child.

We’re aiming for a celebration. A birthday party for our little girl. We’re planning Mexican food (who doesn’t love tacos?) and cupcakes and balloons. All are welcome to Ada’s memorial on August 31 near Washington DC, please RSVP.

But how to add meaning? How to add the necessary gravity without making it depressing?

I’d like to collect stories from all the people who were touched by Ada. Notes, drawings, poems (your own or one you like), photographs, pieces of fabric, anything… Whether it’s a story about my pregnancy, musing about who she might have been, what you looked forward to with her, thoughts about what her short life means, or art that expresses these, anything.

Her life was so short, we have so few memories with her. Having these items from the people we love that we can touch and re-read on her birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and other holidays and special life events would mean so much to me. I want to collect them now, while memories are fresh.

I’ll have a box at the memorial to collect your memories, and welcome them via mail or email as well (feel free to leave a comment if you don’t have my address or email address and I’ll email it to you). We’ll invite people to share their memories at the memorial but I hope you’ll contribute even if you can’t come in person or don’t want to share out loud.

Birthday balloon by Fraz Ismat via Flickr.

Birthday balloon by Fraz Ismat via Flickr.


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