After my last post, my subsequent visit at the ob was far, far better. Apparently when I called with my concerns they didn’t realize my situation (even though I did explain everything) but long story short I now have big letters on my chart that say something to the effect of “give her whatever she wants”. In a perfect world, everyone would get that kind of care, but at least I’m getting it!

I was able to get my prescription for the Doppler with only minimal cajoling. I’ve had it for about a week and it was pretty hard at first to use. I was 12 weeks when I got it and couldn’t hear anything but the woosh woosh of my own heartbeat. The display would show 158 or so, though, so I did still feel reassured. The ob said baby’s heartbeat should sound like a galloping horse. This morning, I heard it! Definitely galloping! Such a lovely sound.

I wish we’d had a Doppler with Ada. I don’t think it would have allowed us to stop what happened but at least we would have known sooner. And it would have been nice to listen to her heartbeat.


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