Trying to celebrate

20131226-223210.jpgWe’re more than halfway through the holidays. First Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Next up: our ten year anniversary on the 27th and New Year’s Eve. We truly do have much to celebrate. Great jobs, a comfortable house, wonderful friends, a loving family, our health, a healthy pregnancy so far…. but no matter how great everything is, there will always be someone missing.

This was supposed to be the season of Ada’s firsts. Her first Halloween, her first Thanksgiving, her first Christmas. We should be celebrating our anniversary and the new year with her, not with this hole in our hearts. Ada is always on my mind. It’s so strange to be celebrating while grieving, to be so happy while so sad. Maybe next year we’ll feel more in the holiday spirit, but I’m so glad we took it easy this year.

Image by S Chia via Flickr.


One thought on “Trying to celebrate

  1. Hopefully this time next year your hearts will be healed as much as possible and a new little person will be celebrating these events with you. Xo

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