Introducing Rose Marie

Today was our 20 week anatomy scan. They confirmed that she is a girl. Her name is Rose Marie Bodnar. I wonder if she will look more like me or more like Brandon. Ada definitely had my chin, so far it looks like Rose has Brandon’s nose.

Rose Marie

Rose Marie

We chose Rose because she is due in June and roses are the flower for June. I always wanted to name my children something plant-themed. Getting roses from my mom from July to December this year made me happy, and I hope Rose goes on to spread happiness as well. We plan to plant a memorial rose garden in our back yard for Ada, who was also born in June, we learned that my great-grandfather was a hobby rose breeder, and my Babcia grew tea roses sometimes in her garden. So she’s not named after anyone in particular, although there have been some impressive ladies named Rose. Like Ada, Rose is not a very common name for girls today, although it was more popular in the past. We chose Marie for Marie Curie, one of the most well known woman scientists. Marie Curie was Polish, and Rose is about 1/4 Polish.

All throughout the anatomy scan, I wanted to tell the technician and the doctor: “slow down, we just want to look at her face and see her move!” but of course the medical measurements were the most important part, and we were glad to hear that she’s developing right on schedule. We did get to she her nomming, opening and closing her mouth, which was pretty cool. We have a 4D ultrasound scheduled for Saturday, I’m really looking forward to that. She’s wiggling around a bit as I write this, I’ve been able to feel her since 15 weeks. I’m more than a little freaked out as we approach 22 weeks, but I’ll save that for another post. This one is for Rose.

Rosebud by Claudia De Facci via Flickr.

Rosebud by Claudia De Facci via Flickr.


One thought on “Introducing Rose Marie

  1. Hello! I’m very happy for you! All will be great and Rose Marie will fill your lives with her sweet fragrance and grace! All the best. Hope

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