Power of writing

Sometimes things are looking so down that I just don’t know if I’ll be able to get back up again. Then I write. I get it all out, all the dark feelings. I acknowledge them, say, “I know you are here” by putting them onto the page (or WordPress text box). And you know what? It helps. It really does help. Every time. Sure, the fears and hurts are still there, but they have less power over me.

Realizing this makes me wonder if other writers gain something similar. There are a lot of loss mom blogs (and some loss dads too), many of whom pour their hearts out like I do. I hope they get the same healing from their writing that I do from mine.

I never kept a diary as a child, although I did write some angsty poetry as a teenager. I never saw the value of a diary but now I do. If I am lucky enough to have a child, I will definitely encourage her or him to write as a way to distill feelings.


One thought on “Power of writing

  1. mrstorres says:

    It does help and I just realize that last night my self I wrote down every single problem I had and its like the weight was lifted off my shoulders. Awesome post.

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