Rose Marie at 20 weeks

We just got back from our first 3D/4D elective ultrasound with Rose Marie. I wholeheartedly recommend this for all expecting moms, especially ones that have had a loss before, or who are at risk. I really wish we had this experience with Ada, but I am certainly glad we were able to with Rose. Whether she makes it to delivery or not, I will be glad for the photos and video. Even more so, I am glad for the experience. We are planning to go three times: 20, around 26, and around 33. This way we get to see her when she has lots of room to flip and swim, then in between, then when she has her chubby cheeks all filled in. I can’t wait to go back and see how she’s grown!

Rose was very active, and it was really neat to feel her moving and also see it on the big screen. She’s pretty thin still, but we were able to see her face. She was super busy, stretching her legs, moving her arms, making sucking motions with her mouth. She did a full flip (consequently showing us that yes, she is a girl). She moved her feet up to her head, and grabbed her feet with her hands. I love watching her heart beat in the 2D ultrasound. I almost cried when I saw her, but then I was just so full of wonder and love that I didn’t end up crying.

(click on an image for a slightly larger image)


2 thoughts on “Rose Marie at 20 weeks

  1. mrstorres says:

    You have a beautiful baby girl. A blessing in the making.

  2. Sarah [] says:

    I hope you’re feeling well, Anastasia, and that baby is thriving and growing strong!

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